The Greens of Conecuh County

John Robert and Nancy arrived in Burnt Corn, AL with a baby daughter and the determination to build a life together. The family grew over the years, eventually including 14 children.

John Robert Green Sr (1790-1882),  Nancy Betts Jones (1800-1881)

Christopher Wren Green (1818-1885)

Christopher Wren Green

C.W. Green was a planter in Conecuh County. He had eight children. His oldest son, Thomas Lafayette Green (1841-1862), was killed during the Battle for Richmond on June 30, 1862. The 2nd son, Alexander Hamilton Green (1843-1914), served in the 4th Alabama Calvary.

Thomas Jefferson Green (1820-1865)

Thomas Jefferson Green

Thomas Jefferson (T.J.) Green fought in both the Mexican War and the Civil War. He died in a hospital in Montgomery, AL. T.J.’s widow, Mary Anne Carter (1830-1898), moved to Florida. Their oldest son, Jefferson Davis Green (1861-1941), eventually settled near Bel, LA (Camp Pearl).

Alexander Hamilton Green (1822-1843)

Alexander Hamilton Green gravestone (John Green Cemetery, Burnt Corn, AL)

A.H. Green gravestone states that he was killed by a limb that fell from a tree.

John Robert Green Jr (1827-1880)

John Robert Green Jr

John Green had seven children. He died in Choctaw, AL.

Caroline Green (1825-1902)

Caroline Green married Jeremiah Spurling Carter (1819-1867). They had five children. Caroline Green is buried in Saint John’s Cemetery in Pensacola, FL.

Frances Green (1834-1908)

Fannie Green married Edwin Lawrence Cater (1825-1874). They had one son, William Edwin Cater (1852-1930). Married Thomas Swift (1834-1886) sometime after 1874.

Molly Sophronia Green (1846-1914)

Molly married Hugh Washington McKee (1837-1864). They had one son, Hugh McKee (1865-1924).  Molly’s 2nd husband, Lawrence Washington “Leo” Carter (1844-1928), was a CSA veteran. They had four children. The family moved to California in the late 1800’s but Leo returned to Conecuh County after the death of his wife in 1914.

Caroline Green, Molly Green, Fannie Green

Sadly, John Robert and Nancy Green lost their firstborn daughter Juliana in October 1817. Her tiny grave was the first burial in the John Green cemetery.  Over the years, the exact location of the grave was lost. In 2013, the John Green Cemetery Preservation Association located the burial site and installed a granite headstone.

Juliana Green grave, John Green Cemetery, Burnt Corn, AL