An Honorable Man

John Robert Green was a teacher, an attorney, and a planter in south Alabama. He fought in the War of 1812, serving in a unit from Georgia. Although he voted against secession at 1861 state convention, his sons and grandsons fought (and died) for the Confederacy. John Robert Green was active in his community. At […]

Forgotten Children: Nellie Sutherland (1870-??)

I have written about Nellie in my other genealogy blog . Her father, Isaac Sutherland, was one of the younger sons in a large Midwestern family. The Sutherlands had followed the frontier in the years after the Louisiana Purchase. They drove oxen from New York state to Indiana, then on to Illinois, and finally […]

John Robert Green Sr

John Robert Green Sr (1790-1882) was born in South Carolina in 1790. During his lifetime, he accrued some wealth, earned the respect of his neighbors as a local politician and teacher, and saw his family devasted in a Civil War that swept the nation.

Three Brothers: After the War

The Kingrey family immigrated to north Louisiana in 1859. Their 2nd son, Abram, enlisted in the LA 8th Infantry soon after Louisiana seceded from the Union. There is no record that he remained with his regiment after January 1862. Joseph Jackson “J.J.” followed his older brother into the CSA infantry a few months later in […]

LivingDNA Results

LivingDNA is a smaller testing company than or 23AndMe. Their analysis is primarily focused on ancestral groups in the British Isles. If your ethnic mix is mostly English or “Scotch Irish”, LivingDNA can map your genetic signature to specific regions in the area now known as the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Three Brothers: The Dutiful Son

On January 23, 1862, Louisiana enacted a draft for while males between the age of 18 and 45. The fall of Fort Henry and Fort Donaldson in Tennessee as well as the capture of Ship Island created panic that New Orleans was the next target for Union forces. Daniel Kingery traveled to New Orleans and […]

Three Brothers: The Summer Soldier

Seaborn Kingrey (1805-1882) and Rebecca Rogers (1814-1886) were married in Georgia in 1836. Seaborn had been orphaned since the age of 13. He spent some time in Florida before returning to Wilkinson County, GA. Seaborn and Rebecca lived in central Georgia for 20 years before moving to north Louisiana. Their ninth child, Samson Riley Kingrey, […]